29th December 2019


Feedback from the Students and Parents of Taisei Karate Academy

“If you or your kids are interested in learning karate, I can highly recommend Taisei Karate Academy. My youngest daughter started recently and has loved every minute under the wonderful guidance of Sensei Daniel. Not only have the classes provided great physical exercise, whilst learning the skills and techniques in karate, they are also teaching Anya respect and discipline, qualities, which I’ve seen filter through into her life outside the class.” – T Mehmet

“My 6 year old son has been coming to karate for over a year and he really enjoys it and most of all he really loves Sensei Daniel. He is wonderful with the children and he instils a sense of pride and many other good things.. So I recommend Sensei Daniel 100%. Thank you.” – M Debono

“I have trained Karate since I was 8 years old, Sensei Daniel Jagemberg taught me many things, one of the first thing i’ve learn was that the Spirit you put in your training, in your fists, in your kicks, in your katas is the spirit you put in your life. When you believe you cannot continue something, remember that your mind has the power, the willpower to finish every task, and every day. one of the other thing i’ve learned is discipline, to reach perfection you have to practice, practice and practice, then after you believe you got it, you have to train more, but, always train considering your physical capacity. Karate becomes more than a martial art, it becomes a life style when you have Sensei Jagemberg.” – J Pabon

“This is my first Karate experience and I absolutely love it. Sensei Daniel has a real passion for teaching his students. He does it from his heart. He keeps students engaged and does a variety of interesting and fun exercises. He also creates a great atmosphere and treats the whole group like a family.” – B Foulds

“I have been bringing my 5 year old son Malachy to Taisei Karate Academy for 3 months now and it is excellent. Sensei Daniel is a great teacher, coach and leader to the children and his dedication to teaching the kids discipline and concentration is first class. He does all this while still making the classes fun and full of energy which keeps the kids engaged and happy. He always goes the extra mile on holidays such as Halloween etc by bringing themes into the class and I really appreciate the time and thought he obviously puts into the classes. My son once told me that Sensei is a very strict but nice man which I think is a great way to be perceived by the children. Keep up the good work Sensei” – R Naughton

“I have been training with Taisei Karate acadamy for the past 5 months, I am very happy with the classes, every class we do something different which keeps it fun and interesting, sensai daniel is a true master of his art and he a strong passion for karate..keep up the good work Sensai Daniel Jagemberg.” – D Clare

“My son, who’s 10 years old, had been training here for nearly a year now and I could not recommend it enough. We tried before other places but nothing, until he started his training here, could meet our expectations. I was looking for someone to help building my son’s self-confidence, teach him self defence, discipline and same time I wanted him to have fun. Sensei Daniel ticked all the boxes and I could not be happier. Thank you Taisei Karate Academy for making this happen, you are highly appreciated!!!” – G Gab

“I have done karate before and I can tell you there is a BIG difference training with Sensei Daniel. Wish I could have a karate lesson every day.” – C Rodrigues