16th August 2016

Benefits of Karate


From a self-defence perspective, all research indicates that during real-life confrontation, the body undergoes a Psycho Chemical Stress Response (PCSR). When this happens, the ability to access logical thoughts all but diminishes. Instead, the human brain accesses what is referred to as the ‘Primal Brain’, which controls instinctive behaviour.

So what does this all mean? Unlike self-defence courses that show a person a set of logical defences against a potential attacker (none of which become instinctive), karate training sets out to develop appropriate ‘instinctive‘ habits in its students. This gives them the ability to act accordingly under conditions of a PCSR.


Fitness, Energy And Vitality

The techniques practised in each class involve the use of every muscle in the body, making it an excellent all-over body workout. Involving the entire body also helps to develop balance, agility, coordination and flexibility. Many students who have never been good at regular sports often become highly competent in other sports after training in karate.


Instilling Family And Success Values

While it is a system of self-defence and an all-encompassing body workout, karate also promotes values in harmony with the family unit and success. It is an environment that promotes courtesy and respect. It teaches a student to become more disciplined, more patient within themselves, and encourages humility above ego.

The Dojo environment does not tolerate foul language or negative behaviour. In short, it is a place where each student can be the very best version of themselves. The ultimate goal is that this behaviour is then taken and applied to their everyday lives; at home, work and / or school.


Character Development

In most sports, you win or you lose. As karate is an individual activity there is no losing, nor is there any pressure of ‘letting the team down’. Because of this, a student can focus on developing at their own pace. In turn, their self-confidence will grow as they find themselves getting better, more skilled, fitter, stronger and more coordinated, week after week.

Classes can be as hard as you allow them to be. Students can ease off if they are not in peak shape, but an instructor will regularly promote a student to push themselves just outside their comfort zone, before easing off. By constantly breaking pre-conceived mental and physical barriers, a student will learn the power of persistence and come to realise that whatever they set their sights on, they can achieve – a valuable skill for life.